suspect pr (aka babysitter)



PR (AKA Babysitter): has been one of the individuals, that persistently, on an almost day to day basis, has participated in the conspiracy to kill me.

After March-April 2012, after I posted his photo, he has been pushing a baby stroller around, I assume to use it as an alibi to cover up his surveillance of my location.

He does live half a block from my business location, and according to his friend and associate, Edelmiro Acevedo, has lived at 157 Adams Street, for over ten years. I only started seeing this individual, about a year ago, when I noticed his suspicious behaviour against me..

I suspect him to be the middleman and active participant, to hire numerous hitmen to attack me.

Recently, on July 20 2012,

1:50 PM Photo 1

PR stands at the corner of Adams and Elm Streets for a while, doing surveillance on my store.

PR meets another individual, in the white t-shirt (Santiago)

Santiago, a few days earlier, had called me on my business phone, to complain that I had posted his photo recently, He told me that he lived at 157 Adams Street for many years. That address is the same building where “pr-babysitter” lives.

2:29 PM Photo 2 and video

PR comes and stands in front of my store, looks to both sides, to see what part of the street I can see from inside my store, because I suspect he’ll be hiding out of view with another individual, to attempt a hit on me this day.

PR walks to the corner and stays there for a number of minutes, then when he notices that I’m recording him, he starts walking away.

3:00 PM

It is the time I close my business.

Hiding out of view on the next block, is PR, making signs to another individual, across the street, that I just came out of my store.

Every day PR tries a new trick, a new way of surprising me, but the right hand of Jehovah sustains me and protects me.

On the same day -almost daily-, there are several other men whom I have identified as suspects, coming around my store, and trying to sneakily approach me.

As a recent sample, see the photo of “old man shotgun” walking in front of my store.

“Long nose zeppes”, stays from the morning to the time I close my store, inside the Bar Zeppe’s, (corner Adams Street and Elm Street).

Pr. Branko


PR (AKA Babysitter)

Puerto Rican.

Address: 157 Adams Street, Newark NJ. 

Associate of Edelmiro Acevedo, La Hispanaidad Grocery.

Unemployed, on medical disability.

Suspect PR-Babysitter, photo 1, 7/20/2012 1:50 PM

Suspect PR-Babysitter, photo 2, 7/20/2012 2:29 PM

Suspect PR-Babysitter, video, 7/20/2012 2:29 PM

Corner Walnut and Adams Street

Santiago, resides at 157 Adams Street

Old Man shotgun

Long nose Zeppes