Letter from Pr. Branko to Mr. Corey Booker, Mayor. Newark NJ


Newark, March 19 2012


Mr. Corey Booker, Mayor

City Hall, Room 200

920 Broad Street

Newark NJ 07105

I am Pr. Branko, I have a small store at 176 Adams Street, Newark NJ 07105; -for the last ten years-.

A man by the name of Pr. Marcos Pereira da Silva has placed a murder contract on me.

This is his "Church" website: http://portaladud.com.br/adud/

On October 2009, I did photos and video for him, and as I found out, that he was doing money laundering for drug dealers in Brazil, I told him, after about five days, that I no longer wanted to do this photo-video work for him (which I was doing on a pro-bono basis). See http://jeovadosexercitos.com/english.html

I also told him that I'd denounce him to the proper authorities.

The very next morning, on October 7th 2009, two Newark Police Dept. Officers, from the Newark Police Clergy Affairs Unit -Sargent Leslie Jones and Detective Mustafa-, together with Marcos Pereira da Silva and Pr. Robinho de Jesus (AKA Robson Souza), came to my store looking for me.

Pereira and Robinho had asked those two officers to arrest me, because I had tried to "extort" Pereira $1500.

Those $1500 is money I had spent the previous days in food and transportation -for which I have the receipts-, at the request of Pereira and with a promise that he'd pay me before he left for Brazil.

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Starting on January 2010, several individuals have tried to intercept me in the streets, close to my store and house in Newark. In one occasion, one of these individuals pulled a gun on me. See videos "hit men" on my website http://jeovadosexercitos.com

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This is the suspect's information:

Scott P. Mudrick, 1913 Wickford Rd., S. Plainfield NJ. Date of Birth: 6-12-1958.

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(sensitive paragraph deleted)

This other suspect is a close friend of Robinho de Jesus, and every workday he's around my store, from 7AM to 4PM (which are my working hours)

At the beginning of March 2012, there has been opened a Police Investigation in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, against the same individual who has placed a murder contract on me, Marcos Pereira da Silva, accusing him of rape, child torture, and death threats against a group of individuals, who have exposed him publicly as being one of the bosses of the Narco trafficking cartels (Comando Vermelho CV) in the City of Rio de Janeiro.

The news has been published in several newspapers of Brazil, mainly in Magazine VEJA, which is the most important news magazine in Brazil.





The "modus operandi" of the organization, to which Pereira is associated, has been to employ police officers, of Rio de Janeiro, as accomplices to deal drugs, kill enemies, intimidate witnesses, etc.

Here in Newark, Pereira's accomplice, Robinho de Jesus (AKA Robson Souza), is associated with the Newark Police Clergy Affairs Unit.

Robinho de Jesus (AKA Robson Souza), has publicly manifested, that he has killed several individuals, in the US, before he became a "Christian". From what I know, he's never been prosecuted and convicted.

Robinho and his wife, are illegally in the US, but both have driver licenses.

Robinho de Jesus (AKA Robson Souza), took me to court on April 2010, allegedly for harassment that I was doing against him, by using my website http://jeovadosexercitos.com.

He requested the Judge to order that I turn over to him, video recorded of Pereira and him on Oct. 2010, and that the Judge order me to remove the website, jeovadosexercitos.com, from the internet.

The judge dismissed the case.

Robinho also gave two letters to the prosecutor, to establish his credibility, one was proof that he has collaborated with South River Police for ten years, the other is a recommendation for Pereira from the Newark Police Clergy Affairs Unit.

I have several troubling, but obvious questions to ask, (in view of the circumstances).

Is the Newark Police Clergy Affairs Unit, or anyone of its members, Sargent Jones, Detective Mustafa; working for Marcos Pereira da Silva as enforcers of his Drug Cartel?

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How many people do I have to kill, to become a member in good standing, of Newark's Police Clergy Affairs Unit?

I know Robinho claims to be a serial killer.

He has given the South River Police and Newark Police, nickel and dime dealers, and has not been prosecuted for being a serial killer. In addition to this, Newark's Police Clergy Affairs Unit is more than accommodating to him, by intimidating Pereira's and Robinho's detractors.

A man by the name of Luis Gonzalez, who had worked for me, was several times threatened by Robinho de Jesus, he was told to stop working for me. A newark Police Officer, together with Robinho, one night, on 4-13-2010, went to Luis's house and asked him for his Passport and checked on a Newark Police Computer, if Luis had a police warrant. Some time after this, another Newark Police Officer, identified by Luis, as being a friend of Robinho, followed Luis all day, at night Luis went to visit some friends, saw the same Newark Police Officer following him to his friends location. Soon after, Immigration Officers, came to the location, arrested Luis and other friends of Luis for being illegally in the US, and Luis was deported. Luis now lives in his country of citizenship, Italy.

In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be specific; the Police Department opened an investigation, immediately soon after denunciations were made against Pereira. The police in Rio, they know first hand of the many public attacks, killings, drug trafficking, prison break-outs, etc., made by drug gangs, related to Pereira.

Congresswoman Manuela D'Avila, President of the Human Rights Commission of the Federal Brazilian Congress, met immediately Brazil's Justice Minister; to discuss matters related to Marcos Pereira's case.


In Italy, Sicily, a denouncer of organized crime, the writer Roberto Saviano, receives 24 hour Police Protection. See http://www.robertosaviano.it/

In Newark, after two and a half years,

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Interesting indeed.

Newark has been called, "The most dangerous City in the Nation", because of the number of homicides. 

Interesting indeed.

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Pr. Branko

176 Adams Street

Newark NJ 07105

Phone: 973 344-5445


email: a2b1films@gmail.com

Branko is a writer, published by the City University of New York. He is a Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker.

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