Pr. Branko in the den of lions

Pastor Branko na Cova dos Leoes


Map, with my location under pin A, and the locations where several suspects live.

These individuals moved in, during the last months, to locations very close to my store.

Now they are "local", and that allows them to be around my location, every day. It also gives them a perfect alibi, they can always say, they are around my store, because they live almost next door. There are more suspects.

All Glory to Jehovah, my God who protects me as “I walk through the valley of death”.

Drunk, AKA Chepin, AKA Guatemala: 289 Chestnut Street, Newark NJ.

Known associate of Robson Souza (AKA Robinho de Jesus), Eduardo Lopes, New style barbershop.

Unemployed, illegal alien.

Mustache: 299 Walnut Street, Newark NJ, unemployed.

He pulled a gun to shoot me, on the morning of 2-20-2012 (7AM)

Baldman: 243 Oliver, Newark NJ.

Associate of Edelmiro Acevedo, La Hispanaidad Grocery

New style barbershop: 315 A Walnut Street, Newark NJ. 

Rosemary Suarez and others, known associates of “Drunk”.

Edelmiro Acevedo, La Hispanaidad Grocery: 168 Adams Street, Newark NJ. 


Edelmiro, knows Robson Souza, Eduardo Lopes, Marcos Pereira. PR, Baldman

Long Nose Zepe: 238 Elm Street, Newark NJ. Stays inside the corner bar Zepe's (Elm St. and Adams St.)

PR: 157 Adams Street, , Newark NJ. Puerto Rican.

Associate of Edelmiro Acevedo, La Hispanaidad Grocery.

Unemployed, on medical disability.

Eduardo Lopes: 162 Adams Street, Newark NJ, Illegal Alien.

Known associate of Robson Souza, Marcos Pereira. 

Old man shotgun: 60 Ann Street, Newark NJ.