Cumplices - Accomplices


pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva: Since the year 2009, has placed a murder contract on pastor Branko.

On May 7, 2013; pastor Marcos Pereira was arrested and is being tried in Brazil, for several rapes.

Pereira is also investigated for 4 murders and has been identified as the head of organized crime and narco terrorism in Rio de Janeiro.

On September 12, 2013; pastor Marcos Pereira was found guilty of rape and given a sentence of 15 years.

A seguinte, é uma lista parcial dos cúmplices do pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva, na conspiração para matar pastor Branko.

The following is a partial list of the accomplices of pastor Marcos Pereira, involved in the conspiracy to murder pastor Branko.

Robson Souza, aka robinho de jesus: Since the year 2009, under the direction of pastor Marcos Pereira, Souza has hired several hitmen to kill pastor Branko. Robson Souza hired Eduardo Costa to do surveillance of pastor Branko, and logistics to help the hitmen.

Robson Souza is the contact between Pereira and FBI Agent, Michael Alerassool.

pastor Dayse Salema, wife of Robson Souza, has fully participated with his husband in the conspiracy to murder Mr. Branko.

Eduardo Costa, member of pastor Robson Souza’s church in Newark NJ.

Hired by pastor Souza to follow and gather information on pastor Branko, providing this information to several hitmen hired by pastor Robson Souza. In 2009 worked for Triunfo Foods, Newark NJ.

Costa moved on 2010 to an apartment half a block away from Branko, and started working for Fernicola, Elm Street, Newark NJ.

Locating murderers as close as possible to their victims, has been a “modus operandi” of pastor Marcos Pereira, as shown by the murder investigations in Brazil.

FBI Agent Michael Alerassool: On April 2010, claimed to officially have opened an investigation on a conspiracy to commit murder and money laundering by pastor Marcos Pereira, also to open an investigation on the several accomplices of Pereira involved in such conspiracy.

He never opened the investigation.

FBI Agent Pettus, Desk Duty Officer: Present when investigation “started” in the year 2010 and during meeting with Agent Alerassool on 3/27/2012.

Mayor Corey Booker: a letter was sent to Mr. Booker by Mr. Branko on 3/19/2012. Mr. Booker never answered.

Newark Police Department: Police Clergy Alliance.

Robson Souza (aka Robinho de Jesus) is a member of the Police Clergy Alliance of Newark NJ

Dayse Salema, is a member of the Police Clergy Alliance of Newark NJ

Zeny Tinouco, is a member of the Police Alliance of Newark NJ

Newark Police: Officer Freitas. He had to file a Police Report on a murder attempt against Branko, Freitas never did. Helping on the cover-up to protect FBI Agent Alerassool.

Newark Police Captain: 3rd Precinct. PO Freitas wrote a letter to this Police Captain, regarding the Police Report, that Freitas never filed.

Moses Apsan, attorney: On October 2009, Apsan received money from Pereira to defame and investigate pastor Branko.

When Branko tried to hire him as an attorney, legally Apsan was bound to identify himself as having been hired by Pereira, and Apsan did not do so. This event, when denounced to the NJ Bar, can suspend Apsan’s license to practice Law.

Apsan has used several websites that he owns (VejaTV, ), to intimidate, harass and difame pastor Branko.

Juarez de Souza, works for Moses Apsan (Jornal US, Radio Comunidade, vejatv), has published material in a website belonging to Apsan, defaming pastor Branko. He has knowledge of the conspiracy to commit Branko’s murder, and by not denouncing it, has become a co-conspirator.

Ana Cristina Natividade: works for Moses Apsan (vejatv) and has knowledge of the conspiracy to kill Mr. Branko.

Joao Vianna, webmaster veja tv: He works for Moses Apsan. As a webmaster of vejatv, he did allow death threats agains Mr. Branko, to be published on the website vejatv. He knows about the conspiracy to kill Mr. Branko, and has not denounced it, thus becoming a co-conspirator.

attorney Michael A. Gallardo: works with Moses Apsan, was recomended by Apsan to be an attorney for Mr. Branko. Highest in his agenda was to ask Mr. Branko to remove webpages with the denouncement of pastor Marcos Pereira.

Geraldo “corredor da paz”, works for Moses Apsan and Brazilian Voice Newspaper.

He has practiced several acts to harass Mr. Branko.

pastor Antonio Generoso Campos, evangelical leader in Newark NJ, works with Moses Apsan in a TV and Radio Program. pastor Generoso is an associate of pastor Marcos Pereira and pastor Marco Feliciano.

Mr. Generoso is also an associate of pastor Zeny Tinouco, Pastor Robson Sousa, pastor Dayse Salema.

Soon after pastor Branko denounced Pereira, in the year 2009, Campos tried to approach Branko, to find out what steps Branko was taking against Pereira.

Mr. Campos, having knowledge of the conspiracy to kill Mr. Branko, and not denouncing it to the police, has become a co-conspirator.

Luis Pires, Editor, Lusoamericano, portuguese newspaper: On 5/15/2013 he came to Mr. Branko’s business trying to tell a story that would make Mr. Branko remove photos of hitmen sent by Pereira.

Pires is a close associate of Moses Apsan, having worked together for RTP TV of Newark NJ

Rodrigo Barbosa, Brazilian Voice, Newspaper in Newark NJ: For several months, even though Branko was paying for an advertisement, Rodrigo Barbosa, their graphic designer, removed arbitrarily that advertisement, to damage Mr. Branko’s business. Rodrigo Barbosa also works for Moses Apsan.

Brazilian Press, Newspaper in Newark NJ

aka Francisco Sampa, Editor Brazilian Press: Sampa called Branko and told him to come to the newspaper’s offices, because Sampa, as editor of Brazilian Press, wanted to publish the denouncement made by Branko against Pereira. Once Branko reached the Brazilian Press Ofices, Sampa requested Branko to have a picture taken, to publish that with the denouncement. Sampa and his photographer, Ricardo, unbeknown to Branko, had prepared a background, to make it appear, as though Branko’s image was taken as a mug shot, to defame Mr. Branko.

Such photo has been used in one of the webpages, belonging to Moses Apsan, with an article written by Juarez de Souza.

Ricardo, photographer Brazilian Press

Ivo Araujo, owner of Manhattan Samba: on one occasion, he tried to make Mr. Branko walk in front of a hitman, that had been placed previously, with knowledge and participation of Mr. Araujo, to facilitate Mr. Branko’s killing by the hitman.

Co-conspirator to murder pr. Branko.

Araujo also retrieved a recorder, placed by pastor Romulo Gomes, to secretly record all conversations by Mr. Branko in his office.

pastor Romulo Gomes: co-conspirator of pastor Marcos Pereira. Associated wit pastor Robson Sousa, Zeny Tinouco.


Edelmiro Acevedo: La Hispanaidad Grocery, grocery store owner. Working under Robson Souza.

As of July 2013, Edelmiro sold his house and grocery store, located on Adams and Elm Street, Newark.

aka “puerto rican”: Edelmiro Acevedos’ Associate.

aka “old man mustache”: portuguese, Edelmiro Acevedos’ Associate.

aka “drunk”, aka “guatemala”: Robson Souza’s Associate.

aka “Flatnose, aka Ramon: Working under Robson Souza.

aka “Flaca”: Working under Robson Souza.

Associates of pastor Marcos Pereira:

See the page “Hitmen”, for photos of the actual assassins.

pastor Marco Feliciano: has provided three attorneys to help in the criminal defense of pastor Marcos Pereira.

pastor Peters, Newark NJ: Same as Pereira, he does Rapid Induction, a type of hipnotism. Closely associated with pastor Marcos Pereira.

apóstolo Ouriel de Jesus, Boston MA: He did provide pastor’s Certificates to people who paid him a substantial amount of money. He consecrated Marco Feliciano as pastor.

Mr. de Jesus is a continous visitor and supporter of pastor Marcos Pereira.

pastor Ubirajara Chagas: He is an associate and visitor of Marcos Pereira’s farms and churches in Rio de Janeiro.