Marcinho VP and Marcos Pereira


Governor Rosangela Barros Assed Matheus de Oliveira (AKA Rosinha Garotinho)  (2003-2007), elected in 2002. Since 2009, Mayor of Campos.

Garotinho (little kid) is a nickname used by the husband. He started a youngster doing radio shows.

Rosangela: Found guilty of abuse of power in 2005. Absolved by the Electoral Tribunal. Reinstated the guilty verdict later.

Rosangela, AKA Rosinha and her husband, in the year 2006 were accused of crimes of obtaining irregular money for their political campaigns. In May 27 2010, Rosinha was found guilty of abuse of communications power.

Antony Garotinho, sports radio personality.

Mayor of Campos (1989-1992 and 1997-1998)

Governor of State of Rio de Janeiro (1999-2002)

Candidate to Brazil's presidency in 2002.

Rio’s security minister Anthony Garotinho (husband of Rosinha Matheus), was named to this position by his wife. (2003-2004)

State Secretary of Rio de Janeiro, 2006

In 2010, Antony was found guilty of formation of an illegal group, by the Federal Justice; together with ex-police chief, Alvaro Lins.

Federal Justice in Rio, found him guilty, to serve two and a half years in prison for forming an illegal group.

The sentence was changed to community service and suspension of political rights.

Alvaro Lins was found guilty of forming an illegal group, passive corruption and money laundering. Lins Condemned to twenty eight years in jail (appeals will be made in the case)

Antony and Rosinha invested in security more than any other governor in Rio de Janeiro.

During the years of government of Rio State by Rosinha and Antony Garotinho, criminality increased considerably.

Antony and Rosinha, identify themselves as Evangelicals.


Anthony Garotinho: "There is a very strong relationship between criminal activity and a part of the police".

"há uma relação muito forte entre atividade criminosa e uma parte da polícia"

Comando Vermelho CV (Red Command CV)

Chief: Marcio Santos Nepomuceno, AKA Marcinho VP

Head of the Complexo do Alemao (Alemao Slum) in Rio de Janeiro.

Associate of Fernandinho Beira-Mar

Marcinho VP, Presently in jail at a prison in Porto Velho, Rondonia State.

Sister's Marcinho VP, Silvana dos Santos da Silva, 29, and Silva dos Santos da Silva, 27. Evangelicals since 1996, members of Pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva's Church.

Silvana dos Santos is Pastor Marcos Pereira's General Secretary.

Silvana dos Santos: "We were also involved, always together with Marcinho, helping, working on the accounting, packaging cocaine. We were very respected in the slums and very arrogant".

Terceiro Comando (Not controlled by Marcinho VP)

Comando Vermelho and Terceiro Comando, control Rio's estimated 600 favelas (slums).


Folha de Sao Paulo (Newspaper)

Comando Vermelho finances prison escape tunnel in Bangu 3 Prison.

Rio's Police arrested today, two sisters of drug trafficker Marcio Santos Nepomuceno, AKA Marcinho VP, incarcerated in Bangu I prison. He is noted as one of the mentors for the construction of an escape tunnel of 86 metters, which would give a mass break out of the prisoners of Bangu 1 and Bangu 3 Prisons (West Zone).

Police Chief, Alvaro Lins, said the tunnel was financed by Comando Vermelho CV.

Marcinho VP has been in prison since August 1996.

The police suspected the participation of the two sisters of Marcinho VP, Silvana Santos da Silva and Silva Santos da Silva, when they discovered the tunnel, last monday.

The work on the tunnel had taken six months, and there were eight workers.

At the tunnel, they found cans of chocolate and insecticide, with the label of the supermarket, "Vitoria em Cristo" (Victory in Christ), located in Madureira North Zone.

The Police went to the supermarket and found that the owners were Silva e Silvana, sisters of Marcinho VP.

"The white van of the supermarket is identical to the vehicle that collected the products for the tunnel's work, from the construction materials store.", said Lins.

On May 11 2004, a report was made, by human rights activists (Marcelo Freixo), after visiting the Benfica prison, warning that this would happen, but nothing was done.

The human rights activist, Marcelo Freixo (Prison Community Council), says Pereira da Silva, declined to meet with him, for an interview to contribute to this report.

In may, the city failed to reach the shortlist to host the 2012 Olympic Games, because of poor security.

A month before, 13 people were killed when drug trafficker's invaded Rio's largest favela, Rocinha.


Benfica Prison Uprising:

Prison Director, Major Walter Lourenço.

The prison was inaugurated on 4-5-2004.

The uprisings began saturday, May 29 2004, when 88 prisoners escaped from the Benfica prison in Rio's North Zone.

There was an external attack on the prison guards, from outside the prison, by more than 20 criminals who belonged to the Comando Vermelho CV, from the Vila Kennedy area. They shot at the guards and placed bombs at the entrance door.

Prisoner's belonging to Rio's largest drug faction, Comando Vermelho CV (Controlled by Marcinho VP), took 26 hostages as a protest against being held with members of a rival group (Terceiro Comando).

A 62-hour slaughter followed, where 30 members of the rival gang -terceiro Comando (third command)- were executed. A 42 year old prison guard was also killed.

Some of the victims were beheaded or burnt to death. There was a soccer match played with the head of one dead prisoner.

Comando Vermelho CV, executioners used shotguns looted from the prison armory.

Initially the negotiations were conducted by the Police Hostage Negotiator Team (BOPE).

Later on, The Security Secretary, Antony Garotinho, took over control of the negotiations.

Almost at the end of the uprising, The Police Hostage Negotiator Team (BOPE) had already made an agreement with the prisoners, to retake the prison (monday at 5 PM), but the State Security Secretary, Antony Garotinho,  decided to call Pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva, and asked him to take over the negotiations.

Marcos Pereira da Silva's congregation, includes relatives of some of Rio's most feared drug lords.

Pastor Marcos Pereira requested the removal of the police and official negotiators (BOPE), from the Uprising section of the Prison.

Pastor Marcos Pereira, came to the prison at 5:20 PM, after such agreement was made, accompanied in a helicopter (provided by Antony Garotinho), by the two sister's of Marcinho VP (Silvana Santos da Silva and Silva Santos da Silva).

Certainly the naked eye can see a conspiracy between the Governor of the State of Rio -Rosinha Garotinho-, her Husband, Antony Garotinho, Marcinho VP, Pastor Marcos Pereira and the two sisters of Marcinho VP.

The Governor and the Husband, then Secretary of Security, has been proved later, have received illegal money for their campaigns.

They allegedly are evangelicals and closely connected to Pastor Marcos Pereira, an evangelical Pastor.

The personal Secretary of Marcos Pereira is one of the sister's of Marcinho VP.

Antony Garotinho authorized the entrance to the prison of the Pastor and Marcinho's VP sister's, even when the Secretary of State of Prison Administration (Astério Pereira dos Santos), had cancelled previously any entrance by Marcos Pereira, to the prison. Pastor Marcos Pereira is prohibited to enter prisons in Brasil at the present time.

The prisoners of two warring factions, had been placed together, with an eight to one ratio. There were a lot more members of comando Vermelho CV, than Third Command.

Again, Antony Garotinho and the Secretary of State of Prison Administration (Astério Pereira dos Santos), had authorized this previously.

After all the members of third command (all burned), had been killed, who needed "protection"?

The group that had done the killing, the members of Comando Vermelho CV, needed protection from retaliation by the Military Police; and that was to be guaranteed by Antony Garotinho's order of allowing the pastor and two of Marcinho's VP sisters into the prison, to allegedly “end the uprising”.

An upraising that had already been negotiated by the Police Negotiators,  to end at 5 PM., was taken over at 5:20 PM; by Pastor Marcos Pereira and the two sisters of Marcinho VP, to "end" the uprising, in which there were killings and elimination of a rival criminal faction of Marcinho VP.

So…, why use a helicopter to bring in the Pastor and the two sisters of Marcinho VP?

Because the Hostage Negotiators had reached an agreement, with the prisoners, at 5 PM to enter the prison, and a helicopter could put the Pastor and assistants in the prison, before the police moved in. As they landed at 5:20 PM.


After an investigation by Rio's Parliament, Parliament Member and Judge, Denise Frossard, found the events, to be the fault of the State Government and the Secretary of Security, Antony Garotinho.

She affirms that in thesis, the Secretary of Security of Rio, committed a crime of responsibility, and that the tragedy could have been avoided.

Mss. Frossard writes that Benfica's Prison Guards, were all "evangelical".

If you ask me…, an international court, can well indict all of this co-conspiratos for the death of 31 people. Just as it was done by Judge Garzon in Spain with Mass Murder cases in Chile.

Many believe the order for the uprising at Benfica prison, actually came from Marcinho VP, who is currently (as of 1-26-2001) held in the Bangu I prison.

Violence also broke out in another three of Rio's jails.

The most serious in the women's custody centre in Mage, 60 km from Rio, where one woman was killed.

On Saturday night, police stormed the unit, home of 402 women, to free a guard being held hostage. Police say she was wrapped in a mattress and about to be burnt to death by prisoners.


Newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo

Police investigates Pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva, because of Drug Money Laundering.

The pastor allegedly, has an emerald mine in the State of Bahia. His properties are not compatible with what he receives at his church. For the Police, that can be proof of his involvement with drug trafficking.

Pastor Marcos Pereira was the pastor called by the Secretary of Public Security, Antony Garotinho, to negotiate with muteened detainees held at the prison Casa de Custodia de Benfica (north zone), at the end of May 2004, even though, the Prison chief Astério Pereira dos Santos, had prohibited the entrance of Marcos Pereira to the prison, because two sisters of Marcinho VP, were members of Pastor Marcos Pereira's Church.



The drug trafficker Alberico de Azevedo Medeiros, AKA Derico, known to be the head of drug trafficking in the Acari Slums (north Zone).

Derico has attended varios times the church meetings of Pastor Marcos Pereira.

Derico was arrested two weeks ago in Maringa State of Parana) in an apartment belonging to a Pastor from the church of Pastor Marcos Pereira.

The Police investigate the connection of Marcos Pereira with the ONG Infante, located in Acari (North zone of Rio). According to investigators, phone accounts and travel receipts of the traffickers were in the name of the ONG Infante.

The day before yesterday, Police from DRE (drug enforcement) made a search on a farm, property of Pastor Marcos Pereira, located in Nova Iguaçu (Baixada Fluminense). At that location, were found three horses that are owned by Derico, and also three men, fugitives of justice.


Prison Director of Bangu III, Jose Roberto Lourenço, Leutenat Coronel, assassinated in the street, after a car chase, his car shot over 60 times.

He had been working in Bangu III, for  four years.


Jose Junior, Coordinator ONG AfroReggae comments: "I do take people out of crime in wholesale numbers. Pastor Marcos takes them out retail numbers"

Washington Rimas, former drug dealer, now associated with ONG AfroReggae.


The New york Times, Roger Cohen.

Violence in Rio compared to Irak, the total is 18,290 dead, six times more than the number of Americans dead in Irak since 2003.

6,620 in 2004

6,438 in 2005

6,438 in 2006


Prison Uprising in Romeiro Neto Prison, Mage.

One prisoner dead and one prison guard dead.

Four prison guards were held as hostages for four hours.

Catholic Priest Andre, a Prison Chaplain, was asked by the State to help with the negotiations.

His convocation turned into a conflict at the entrance of the prison, because Pastor Marcos Pereira, who came to the prison on his own, was not permitted to enter.


Governor Sergio Cabral requested prison transfer of Marcinho VP, Isaias Costa Rodrigues AKA Isaias do Borel,

Elias Pereira da Silva AKA Elias maluco, member Comando Vermelho, serving 28 years and 7 months for killing the journalist Arcanjo Antonio Lopes do Nascimento AKA Tim Lopes (Rede Globo News), in 2002, in Rio de Janeiro.

Marcio Candido da Silva AKA Porca Russa, Robson Andre da Silva AKA Robinho Pitanga.

Partner of Luis Fernando da Costa AKA Fernandinho Beira-mar

He was in control of the Complexo do Alemao Slum and the Vila Cruzeiro Slum.

They were transferred to the Federal Penitenciary of maximum security in Catanduvas.

The prisoners are accused by Rio's government to have organized the attacks on public buildings before Carnival and the assault to a tourist bus on thursday.

Elias Maluco, and Marcinho VP are in prison together, and have ordered the attacks on Rio de Janeiro.

October 2010

The wife and sons of Marcinho VP, visit the church service of Marcos Pereira da Silva. Pastor Marcos prays for the salvation of the trafficker, Marcinho VP.

The sons of Marcinho VP released a Gospel CD last year.


Marcinho VP does Money Laundering, that is administered by family members.

He ordered the attacks in Rio de Janeiro as a retaliation for the implantation of the UPP's (Units of Pacifier Police) in the slums that he controls.

Also, he did order the attacks, because he is protecting his family members, who are taking care of his many businesses. Investigators indicate that the drug trafficker has a fortune in the millions of dollars.

He owns the sale drug spots in the Alemao Complex, several stores administered by his family, charging a fee to transportation vehicles in the Alemao Complex.

Marcinho's VP wife, after receiving this money, exchanges the same for foreign currency.

Marcinho VP has two other brothers who are in prison.

Recently a family member, was a candidate for State Deputy, but lost the elections.


The wife of of drug trafficker, Marcio dos Santos Nepomuceno, AKA Marcinho VP, boss of the Comando Vermelho CV, Marcia Gama Nepomuceno. was arrested today, for money laundering of drug trafficking. The Criminal Court (34) ordered the possession of six properties.

The attorneys of the Trafficker were also arrested (Beatriz da Silva Costa, Flavia Pinheiro Froes, Luiz Fernando Costa), under suspicion that they transmitted orders from the drug trafficker to do the series of attacks to police and vehicles in Rio de Janeiro.

Alemao Complex, about 30,000 houses

11-30-2010 800 Lbs. dinamite found next to Prison Franco da Rocha, Sao Paulo.


Rio’s Police, after the latest wave of violence have aprehended:

33 tons of marihuana

235 kg of cocaine

27 kg of crack

over 300 stolen motorcycles

a numerous amount of guns and high caliber rifles.

There have been 106 cars, vans and buses destroyed by members of comando Vermelho CV in the City of Rio.

Over 30 dead people.



From Marcinho VP to Pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva