moses apsan and vejatv


(first letter) November 16 2009

To: Moises Apsan

From: Pr. Branko

There are 2 videos that your company Vejatv has placed on the internet.

In this videos, I comment on the work of Pr. Marcos Pereira.

This video is out of context to the the whole affair that you know happened between Pr Pereira, Pr. Robinho and I.

These comments were made on the first day I met Pr. Pereira, for the viewer to understand what really transpired, you should add the full text of Pr.Pereira illegally accusing me of "extortion" of  $1500, that Pr. Pereira bought a Rollex watch, for $26000; that he conspired to commit "money laundering" by trying to buy 2 cars in the total amount of $98000.

That text you did ask me to remove from the internet, and I did at the time.

Pr. Robinho did come to my office, after I visited your office; pressured and accompanied by Paulo Seabra (triunfo group), to ask for forgiveness, recognizing himself that Pr. Pereira and him, had made up the charges, that no formal "police report" had been filed, paying me for part of the debt of $1500. Therefore, admitting legally that there was no "extortion", but simply a debt on the part of Pr. Pereira to me, in the amount of $1500.

That video on vejatv, has 2 comments, made by Pr. Robinho, using aliases, to denigrate my image.

Since you're the owner of vejatv, as you well mention in the audio that I recorded at your office, and since you filter the comments that are posted on videos of vejatv, I find it disingenuous at best, and criminal harassment at worst.

Like people that have listened to our conversation have mentioned, you sound like Pr. Pereira's and Robinho's defense attorney.

And should that be the case?

The attorney that you introduced me to, did a couple of calls, and clearly did not do his job properly, as the same recording shows again. I suggest that he charges me for his time, about $200, and sends a refund to my attorney, in my attorney's name:

Terence Scott

1135 Broad Street

Suite 105

Clifton, NJ 07013

Phone 973 778-1101

Should you or Mr. Gallardo, need to get in touch with me, please do so through my Attorney.

I'm sure you'll reconsider, and remove the 2 videos, from vejatv and youtube; and I do thank you in advance.

Pr. Branko


(second letter) April 30 2010

Once again I am writing to you to notify you of a Copyright violation.

It has to do with videos of mine, which I did post on my YOUTUBE Channel, a2b1, and one of the videos which I only posted on my website

The poster, "Sergio Saverese", or anyone else, is NOT authorized to post any of my videos on your webtv Channel, VEJATV, Guiadoimigrante, etc.

Do not, post any videos that belong to me on your channels VEJATV, GUIADOIMIGRANTE, etc.

Also the comment posted on one of your videos: "If a person puts a bullet on His (Branko's) head is little"

Is totally out of line and should be removed and taken as a clear death threat.

I am sure that you as an Attorney, do not want your webtv Channels, to become a poster board of intimidation, libel, defamation and/or death threats.


Pr. Branko


(third letter) May 6 2010

Dear Mr. Apsan.

1. The video posted on

Now has a Copyright notice.

Please see:

And I, as the owner of shuch Copyright, would like the video in question removed from

2. Can you please resolve the issue of this comment?

To me, it clearly is a "death threat"

Have you reported the "comment poster" to the police, furnishing them with his IP Internet Address and filing a police report?


Pr. Branko

176 Adams Street

Newark NJ 07105

Isaiah 32:7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

On 10-19-2009 I went to the offices of Moses Apsan, I requested to meet him, because I needed an Attorney to represent me against the false accusations Marcos Pereira da Silva had made against me, after I had told Pereira that I knew he was doing money laundering for drug traffickers in Brazil, and that I was going to post such information on the internet.

Even though Apsan’s secretary had told me that he had no time to schedule me, during this day, when Attorney Apsan walked in, he decided to take care of me first, instead of all his waiting customers.

I spoke to him, in what I understood and led to believe, to be an “attorney client privileged situation”, giving him confidential information, during our conversation.

During this meeting. Attorney Apsan did not, in any way, mention that he had been hired previously by Pastor Marcos Pereira, as it has transpired later.

The same “privileged information” I gave Apsan, later was used by Pereira in death threats he made against me. This means, the only person who could’ve given Pereira this information, was Apsan.

If Apsan, being the Attorney of Marcos Pereira, deceived me and obtained privileged and confidential information, to help his client, Pereira; it clearly violates Attorney’s conduct and Attorney Apsan can be disbarred and his law license can be revoked or rescinded, for unethical or criminal conduct.

If Pereira has used this “privileged information” to enter a conspiracy to commit murder, against me; does Apsan, the person giving the information to Pereira, become a co-conspirator to commit murder?

After our long interview, Apsan wrote in the back of his business card (see below), the name of the attorney, which he claimed, worked also in his “firm”, Michael A. Gallardo.

He called Attorney Michael A. Gallardo, who has offices in the same building, and Apsan insisted that Gallardo must take me as a client.

Previously that day, I had been to Gallardo’s office, and I was told flatly, that the attorney could not take my case.

Nowadays I understand that Marcos Pereira, prior to my appearance, had been in a meeting with Michael A. Gallardo also.

If Michael A. Gallardo had an attorney-client contact with Pereira, and later met me and charged me money for the same case, then he robbed me.

I had posted already on the internet, information denouncing Marcos Pereira’s wrongdoings, when I got to Apsan’s Office and Gallardo’s Office, they told me about it, and showed me copies of what I had posted on the internet.

Both of them insisted that I remove that information denouncing Pereira, telling me that the consequences could be disastrous for myself, if I did not do so.

In that information, I had listed my Attorney’s name, phone and address.

This means, technically, before entering Apsan’s and Gallardo’s office, I had an attorney, and Apsan and Gallardo, must have told me, they represented Pereira and could not help me, in addition to that, if they did not represent Pereira, they should’ve cleared with my Attorney first, if they could take me as a customer.

At the same time, various websites (, Jornal US, Radio Comunidade US, etc.) owned by Attorney Apsan, started a campaign to defame me, harass me, intimidate me; and they continue doing so.

A comment allowed by Apsan on his website, says I needed a “bullet in my head”

All comments on his website, are monitored by him or Joao Viana, and if they did allow this comment to show online, did Apsan notify the police of this death threat?

Did he furnish the police with the originating Internet IP of that and many other comments against me?

I know he did not.

Several workers of Attorney Apsan, such as Cristina Natividade, Joao Viana, Juarez de Souza, Rodrigo Barbosa; have participated in helping Apsan to attack and denigrate my public and business image.

The interesting fact is, Attorney Apsan is an Immigration attorney, and all of these “workers” are illegal aliens in the US.

We have an Immigration Attorney, who is blatantly violating immigration laws.

Attorney Apsan has a close relationship, with several “close friends” of Marcos Pereira, in the Newark region.

Amongst them:

Pr. Antonio Generoso.

Pr. Zeni Tinouco, who publicly supports the “ministry” of AKA Robinho de Jesus, AKA Robson Souza; AKA Dayse Salema, AKA Dayse Barros.

AKA Robinho de Jesus, AKA Robson Souza; AKA Dayse Salema, AKA Dayse Barros

Eduardo Lopes, accomplice of AKA Robinho de Jesus, AKA Robson Souza; AKA Dayse Salema, AKA Dayse Barros.

Brazilian Voice Newspaper

Brazilian Press Newspaper

During the month of March 2012, serious public accusations have been made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; against Marcos Pereira da Silva.

They range from rape, to child torture, to death threats. There are witnesses testifying, acts of money laundering done by Marcos Pereira, to hide assets of major drug dealers.

I have a candid question to ask.

That money which Marcos Pereira da Silva paid Attorney Apsan to illegally obtain confidential information from me, which would benefit Pereira, if being from money laundering of drugs, is it blood money?

The same money which has paid salaries for his “illegal workers”, do they know it is blood and drug money?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Brazilians, dying in the streets of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro particularly, at the hands of drug traffickers, associated with Marcos Pereira da Silva.

And I remember Apsan telling Michael A. Gallardo over the phone: “I thought he (Branko) was going to close his little store and run away...”

Well, the news is, I work for a God who gave me this “little store”, and neither Pereira and his assassins, nor Gallardo or Apsan and his army of illegal workers, can take away, what my God has given me.

Over two years ago, I told Pr. Antonio Generoso, and this is on video posted on this website, that Jehovah had told me that HE was going to place me in this city as a column, that Pereira and his accomplices would not be able to move me out.

Pereira and his accomplices have tried to intimidate me, threaten me, assassinate me, tricked me, etc., etc. And Jehovah with his mighty right hand has kept me firm in my place.

Now I can say further, God is allowing me, to see the destruction of each and every one of all of these wicked individuals.

Prov. 22:13 The wicked flee when no man pursueth; but the righteous are bold as a lion.

All Glory to Jehovah.

Pr. Branko


Letters sent to Moses Apsan (comment above allowed on vejatv)

On 5/15/2013 at 1:29 PM, Luis Pires, News Editor of Luso-Americano Portuguese Newspaper (Newark NJ), came to the front of my store located in Newark NJ.

He stated that I had sent him an email (which I did not), that many people were calling the police (he still has to prove that), that I was posting photos that were making people afraid...

So, I told him, that I had not sent any email to him, that the photos I was posting were of the suspected criminals, who have been trying to kill me, criminals being sent by pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva; that I also posted news clips of major newspapers (Veja, London Times, etc.) where the multiple rapes, four killings, money laundering of Marcos Pereira were prominently shown.

I asked if he wanted to do a story on that, or was more important to intimidate me to remove the photos of the criminals?

I told Pires, the only ones interested in removing the photos, are the criminals themselves or the co-conspiratos of this conspiracy to kill me.

I know Pires is a close acquaintance of Moses Apsan, and that obviously makes me wonder Pires’ interest and absurd position in this issue.

Pires quickly left, with an unlighted cigarette in his mouth.

For your information Pires, the man you came trying to protect, pastor Marcos Pereira, was found guilty of rape on 9/12/2013 and given a sentence of 15 years.