Letter to Rosemary Suarez


To: Rosemary Suarez Arriaga


This is to inform you that the individual in the photograph (upper left), is suspected by me to have been contracted by other individuals, to murder me (Murder for hire).


Several weeks ago, I did personally tell you, that I had information, that this person is armed and dangerous.

I also told the same thing, to three other individuals who work-stay at your place of business, New Style Barbershop, located at 315 Walnut Street, Newark NJ. Phone 973 589-3334

He (man in photo) is known to stay in your business (center photo), and use it as a hiding place, to come out and try to attempt to commit this crime.

He is mostly around before and during the time I open my store, in the afternoon as my customers come in or out, at the time when I close my store.

I've also noticed, after you started knowing this person, that you and several members of your shop, are also around my place, a lot more than before you met this individual.

First degree Conspiracy to commit murder, in the State of New Jersey, the maximum potential custodial sentence is a State Prison term of up to 20 years.

Conspiracy to commit murder is subject to the "No Early Release Act", which means that a defendant must serve 85% of the sentence imposed for that crime.

An actual crime is not necessary to prosecute a conspiracy case - only the stated intent to break the law.

I have instructed my Attorney to make available all this information, to any Law Enforcement Agencies, that he might find necessary.



(Left) AKA Guatemala, AKA Chapin, AKA Javier, known to be an associate of AKA Robinho de Jesus, AKA Robson Souza

(Center) Two workers of New Style Barbershop, known to be associates of AKA Guatemala

(Right) Rosemary Suarez, known to be an associate of AKA Guatemala


December 13, 2011

Man in blue shirt, last seen on:

8/1/2012     8:58 AM, 9:08 AM, 9:09 AM

7:31:2012   7:05 AM

7/30/2012   7:31AM, 11:59 AM, 12:01 PM, 12:12 PM, 2 PM

Guatemala last seen on:

8/2/2012     7:00 AM, 9:01 AM

8/1/2012      8:01 AM